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FAER x Tania Mason

Introducing Tania Mason, print creator and artist

Plasma Connections

When I met Tania and saw the pieces that inspired the prints for our suits, I was captivated and convinced. 

Her style, the colours, the detail, the shapes, were completely new and inspiring to me, and I simply had to ask her to be part of our first collection.

"When Jacqui, founder of FAER, asked me if I would share my artwork on her designs, I was very excited and thrilled! Wow, to see my art on a body, in my favourite place on earth, water, I couldn’t resist.

The Artwork collection was already complete, the black (Deep print) was an original large canvas, whilst the white (Shallow print) was a combination of many works to form a new original. 

The pieces have already been so well received, and successful, and have travelled throughout Australia on many art prizes: Banyule, Splash, the SA Museum, and winning The Cowra Regional Art Prize.”

And fittingly, Tania’s artworks tell a story of formation, creation, and connections within nature.

Thank you for being part of our story Tania, we will make magic together again.


Tania’s explains her process

My practice begins in research, both neuroscience and the many patterns within nature: Flora. Then I study and observe the landscape and explore the detail using photography, drawing and painting. 

Once I have painted up sections of flora, I create complex montages in Photoshop.

Finally, I draw up the precise image I have created onto either paper or canvas and then I paint away, until it’s complete.

Find Tania @taniamasonart or